Devil Horns 007: Assjack


Midnight Corey suggested this episode’s album review: self-titled “Assjack” from 2009. The hosts also respond to listener comments about the “What Happened to Korn?” episode, as well as talk about other exciting things going on.

Check out Assjack live, which is Hank3 on guitar/vocals with his touring band. Hank3 performed and produced the entire studio album himself.


Devil Horns – Bruce Corbitt and Kirk Windstein


Midnight Corey is joined by two amazing men of metal.

First of all, Warbeast vocalist Bruce Corbitt comes to the show. He’s one of the hardest-working frontmen in the world of metal, and fronted the highly-influential Texan thrash band Rigor Mortis.

Secondly (around the 27:52 mark), the Riff Lord himself Kirk Windstein takes a moment from his busy schedule to talk about his departure from Down to focus all his energy on Crowbar.

Devil Horns 006: What Happened To Korn?


Korn erupted in the 90’s and changed the face of alternative metal, selling millions of albums and influencing countless bands. Their sound has changed dramatically over the decades, and the three Devil Horns hosts attempt to nail down exactly what happened to Korn, and whether their first few albums still hold up.


Devil Horns: Hank 3


Music legend Hank3 joins Midnight Corey as he is just about ready to release two new albums — “Brothers of the 4×4” and “A Fiendish Threat” — and embark on a West Coast tour.

Midnight Corey’s infant son is also a diehard Hank 3 fan, and wanted in on the interview as well, as you’ll hear from time to time.


Devil Horns – Philip H. Anselmo


Midnight Corey welcomes legendary metal frontman Philip H. Anselmo to the show to talk about the upcoming Housecore Horror Film Festival, which takes place in Austin, TX, October 24-27. It’s four days of metal music and horror films. Corey and Philip discuss a lot more, including their love of the Melvins and how well the Saints are doing this season.


Devil Horns 005: Austrian Death Machine – Double Brutal


New Jersey Nick’s pick for review this time is the album “Double Brutal” by Austrian Death Machine. It almost turns into a Misfits episode, but we manage to rein it in and really pick the album apart. We respond to listener feedback, and there is a ton of great things discussed.


Devil Horns 004: Summer Concerts


Mike Zombie had to sit out this episode, so New Jersey Nick and Midnight Corey talk all about the great shows they’ve seen over the summer, which leads to more and more great talk about great metal bands. Consequently, our album review and listener feedback will happen next episode.


  • Opening theme music: “Killdozer” by Strychnia
  • Ending music: “Smoke Dope/Smoke Cops” by +HIRS+

Devil Horns 003: Christian Metal


Your Devil Horns hosts talk about what is perhaps the strangest metal sub-genre: Christian Metal. Love it or hate it, we talk all about the bands that have shaped this “positive” movement in metal music, concentrating mostly on the 2 bands that caused the most waves: Stryper and Vengeance (Rising). We explore a lot of related questions that come up in light of the Christian influence in metal, and also talk smack on Kerry King.

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Next episode, we’ll bring you an album review and talk about listener feedback.