The Hosts

Midnight Corey

skullMidnight Corey has been listening to the most brutal metal he could find since before his parents allowed him. His first podcast was made up of all original music, debuting in 2006. He then went onto host several horror podcasts, such as the Midnight Podcast (focusing on zombies), Midnight Corey (general horror), The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast (general horror), and currently The Electric Chair (horror interviews) and Evil Episodes (horror on TV).

Midnight Corey’s top 5 metal bands of all time (in no particular order):

  1. Pantera
  2. Cannibal Corpse
  3. Six Feet Under
  4. Meshuggah
  5. White Zombie

Mike Zombie

lightningMike Zombie was exposed to punk at an early age, and was listening to Bad Religion’s “How Could Hell Be Any Worse?” while the rest of the 6th graders were listening to New Edition. He never lost his love for Bad Religion, but was changed forever when he heard Metallica’s “Leper Messiah.” Co-Host of A Little Dead Podcast and his own website

Mike’s top 5 metal bands of all time (in no particular order):

  1. Corrosion Of Conformity
  2. Suicidal Tendencies
  3. Rammstein
  4. Blood Duster
  5. Dimmu Borgir

New Jersey Nick

anarchyNew Jersey Nick was introduced to loud music when he got White Zombie’s Astro Creep 2000 on cassette back in the day. He spent his teens and twenties destroying his hearing by going to every concert he could afford to see. Now in his 30’s, Nick’s taste in metal is ever-evolving as he continues to search for new bands that our worthy of his bleeding ears. Nick is the founder of and is most well known for being a member of the Slashercast horror podcast.

Nick’s top 5 metal bands of all time (in no particular order):

  1. Tool
  2. Rammstein
  3. Marilyn Manson
  4. Nine Inch Nails
  5. Volbeat

One Response to “The Hosts”

  1. Brendon G

    I want to say thank you midnight Corey for interviewing one of the greatest voices in metal of this century! Cameron Argon of Disfiguring the Goddess. I personally stumbled across Cam from one of his first “vocal videos,” where he would showcase his talent on video. Here is a private link to it.

    I had really gotten into a following of him and his band, DTG. This was back around 2005-2006, when the brutal stuff was kicking in.. but I had never heard anything come close to DTG. Not Whitechapel, not Aborted, not Job For A Cowboy, not even Devourment came close..

    As cam got older, his music kept getting better, and he eventually made a series dedicated to his life called “Cam Every Day.” Cam became a role model for me.. an actual idol. His talent was so raw and unrelenting that I just wanted to harness it all, learn from it. Not only was his talent amazing, but his personality is so uplifting and relaxed. In spite of all the “angry music” he made, he is always this high spirited guy who loves having a good time! Some of my friends were digging his stuff too, but not as much as I was really digging it. Some of my friend’s said I had a “man crush” on him. hahaha! Anyways.. I just wanted to give you my story about how I came across this brutal one man band, and I’ll be looking forward to some more awesome interviews!


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