Devil Horns 009: What’s Up With Dio?


Dio: this is the question of this episode. Why is he so beloved, and why does he hold a place among elite metal gods? We explore this — and much more — in this episode. We respond to listener feedback, which has Corey laughing so hard he can barely read it.

“Holy Diver” official video

“Rainbow in the Dark” official video

Ozzy and Dio “War Pigs” Duet with Black Sabbath


2 Responses to “Devil Horns 009: What’s Up With Dio?”

  1. Rob

    Great show! I didn’t know anything about Dio before, but after hearing Mike sing his praises, I respect him.

    On the digital music front, I’ve bought music off of iTunes in the past, but I prefer picking up the real CD and ripping it. It’s not so much owning the disc that I care about, but rather I prefer having a “perfect” source for my music. If a digital music store began selling lossless (FLAC or whatever else) versions and didn’t charge out the ass for it, I’d move entirely over to that model.

    One thing some bands have done in recent years that I -love- is give you a free digital download if you buy the vinyl version of their album. I chuck CDs in the closet after I rip them; vinyl I could hang on the wall or something.

  2. Mike Tyler

    Hey guys, another awesome show! I pretty much agreed with everything you guys said about RJD, however I would also like to point out that another legacy Dio left upon Metal besides the Devil Horns is that he is in my humble opinion the father of the sub-genre known today as Power Metal. I mean he practically invented the shit! He was singing about Dungeons & Dragons type shit before anybody! I’m not sure if you have seen it (more than likely you have) but there’s this documentary called Metal: A Headbangers Journey where this anthropologist by the name of Sam Dunn traced the origins of power metal back to the late 1970s, when the groundwork for power metal lyrical style was laid down by RJD. The fantasy oriented lyrics he wrote for Rainbow, concentrated around medieval, renaissance, folk and science fiction themes, directly influencing modern power metal bands. Some even consider the song “Stargazer”, from the 1976 album Rising, to be the earliest example of power metal. In his 2011 documentary series Metal Evolution, he even did an episode on this particular sub-genre! I’ve always been more of a Thrash/Hardcore/Death Metal guy myself, but I definitely respect RJD and everything he did for the Metal community! And I’m not ashamed to say that 12-15 year old Mike had the first few Dio albums and loved them! The only thing I never understood is when people would want to do these lame-ass comparisons to Ozzy! The only reason people compared them was because they both fronted for Iommi! They sounded NOTHING alike! I was always more of an Ozzy guy, but I digress! Anyway am really enjoying your podcast and am looking forward to your next one! Especially since it’s subject matter is one of my all-time favorite albums! Fucking love SOD! Anyway keep up the stellar work & stay Metal!!!!!!! \m/


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