Devil Horns – Bruce Corbitt and Kirk Windstein


Midnight Corey is joined by two amazing men of metal.

First of all, Warbeast vocalist Bruce Corbitt comes to the show. He’s one of the hardest-working frontmen in the world of metal, and fronted the highly-influential Texan thrash band Rigor Mortis.

Secondly (around the 27:52 mark), the Riff Lord himself Kirk Windstein takes a moment from his busy schedule to talk about his departure from Down to focus all his energy on Crowbar.

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  1. Crowbar's Kirk Windstein Gives More Details As to Why He Quit Down | MetalSucks

    […] Why oh why did Kirk Windstein have to leave to Down? When the guitarist first announced his departure from the band two weeks ago, he said that “I am concentrating on Crowbar” — that would be his other, “main” band, duh — “100% FULL TIME” (emphasis his). As it turns out, though, there’s a little more to the story than that — namely, that in 2010 he joined Alcoholics Anonymous, and that Down ultimately posed a danger to his sobriety. Windstein tells the Devil Horns podcast: […]

  2. Kirk Windstein opens up about Down split | Metal Insider

    […] This month started off with a bit of a surprise, as Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein announced he was leaving sludge metal supergroup Down, which he’d cofounded. At least he was leaving for the right reason – to concentrate on Crowbar – but in a recent interview, he went into more detail than he originally had. Speaking to the Devil […]

  3. Mike Tyler

    Great interview Corey! As a long time Crowbar fan I’m fucking ecstatic! Don’t get me wrong, I love Down, but I believe that Down can still be Down without Kirk, however Kirk Windstein IS Crowbar and I for one am really stoked about him giving Crowbar 100% of his attention! Amazing band! Have everyone of their albums and have seen them live every time they’ve come into my town! Anyway looking forward to the next releases from both bands! Fucking love this website guys! Keep ’em coming! \m/


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