Devil Horns 006: What Happened To Korn?


Korn erupted in the 90’s and changed the face of alternative metal, selling millions of albums and influencing countless bands. Their sound has changed dramatically over the decades, and the three Devil Horns hosts attempt to nail down exactly what happened to Korn, and whether their first few albums still hold up.


3 Responses to “Devil Horns 006: What Happened To Korn?”

  1. Alex

    Good job on this one guys, but I honestly feel like this episode was done by a bunch of guys that don’t really care for Korn in the first place. I grew up listening to alot of Korn, and I feel you based alot of your opinions off of the Mainstream Korn, and what you’ve heard on the radio. Jonathan Davis is an amazing singer in my opinion, and if you listened to a little more passed what the radio plays, you might be able to agree. Another thing is you guys didn’t touch on the guitar work that much, because as a guitarist, I’ve always admired their guitar work. They tune to A standard for most of their songs, and I’ve always love the ballsy low end in all of their music, and the fact that they use alot of ambient textures throughout their music. They’re kinda like my generations Metallica, and yeah, their albums start to kinda run together for me after Follow The Leader. But good show guys, keep it up!

  2. Rob

    I fall into the ‘Used to be a Korn fan camp”, but I managed to get past Issues and stop with Untouchables (which to me was their last worthwhile album). I still respect the band a lot for what it brought to the table back in the day, and the memories that were created with their help, but this is definitely one of those bands I outgrew. I toss on an album on occasion just for nostalgia’s sake, and nothing more. I do happen to be a big fan of some of the bands Nick listed off, though (Chevelle and Taproot, namely).

    Corey: By all means feel free to work on getting an interview with Corpsegrinder!


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