Devil Horns – Philip H. Anselmo


Midnight Corey welcomes legendary metal frontman Philip H. Anselmo to the show to talk about the upcoming Housecore Horror Film Festival, which takes place in Austin, TX, October 24-27. It’s four days of metal music and horror films. Corey and Philip discuss a lot more, including their love of the Melvins and how well the Saints are doing this season.


3 Responses to “Devil Horns – Philip H. Anselmo”

  1. Rob

    I’m not a horror fan, but that festival sounds like heaven for those who are, and still great for those that just want to catch the bands. Great interview!

  2. Mike Tyler

    Great interview Corey! Huge Pantera fan and fucking love Phil’s brutal new album! The festival sounds like it’s gonna be amazing and glad to hear you guys are such huge fans of the Melvins! Fucking phenomenal band! Regarding your football discussions I feel your pain, I’m a Steelers fan as well, but they’ll be back! They’re just rebuilding that’s all. Anyway keep up the stellar work and stay metal! \m/


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