Devil Horns 005: Austrian Death Machine – Double Brutal


New Jersey Nick’s pick for review this time is the album “Double Brutal” by Austrian Death Machine. It almost turns into a Misfits episode, but we manage to rein it in and really pick the album apart. We respond to listener feedback, and there is a ton of great things discussed.


5 Responses to “Devil Horns 005: Austrian Death Machine – Double Brutal”

  1. Alex

    If you like Austrian Death Machine, check out Pyrithion (Tim’s Super Heavy Awesome project) :)
    Good Show!

  2. Rob

    Well, posting as Deathspawner got me called a he-she, so I think it’s best that I start going under my alias 😉

    Great points on live albums! I’ve thought a lot about problems like those over the years, and while I find the heavy-handed mastering to be a little disappointing, I do appreciate hearing a clear sound over a muffled one. I do have a big problem if they fix anything other than the clarity, though. If an artist makes a mistake on stage, or anything else unique happens, it should stay in. It’s usually a band’s biggest fans that listen to live albums, so they should be unique and true for their sake.

    What bugs me more is poor mastering of studio albums. Take Death Magnetic as an example. Rubin must’ve believed that there was some loudness battle going on and he sure as hell wanted to secure gold. I respect Rubin’s legend, but he’s sure been hit-or-miss for me in recent years.

    Nick, that was a superb pick. Given the premise of the band, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the album grabbed me right from the get-go. I usually hate it when bands inject a bunch of lulls into their albums, but everything is executed so flawlessly here that it’s hard to complain. The Ahnold parts are genuinely hilarious, so that helps. I’ve definitely become an official listener of the band now, so thanks!

  3. Lurk

    You really should check out Arnocorps, they predate Austrian Death Machine since they’ve been going since 2001. The majority of the songs are named after Arnold’s films and unlike ADM they write better songs based on the films. Tim has a tendency to just shout rubber baby buggy bumpers or get to the chopper over and over.

  4. SonOfOdin

    See, if I was one who only loved to call people out on their mistakes, I’d point out that Beck’s is a German beer, and not too bad. It’s Foster’s that’s Australian for “koala piss”.

    • Midnight Corey

      Haha, I’m taking a lot of slack for that. My excuse: I don’t drink any of those, and it was a slip of the tongue. Meant one thing, said the other. Neither beer is good, IMO :)


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