Devil Horns 004: Summer Concerts


Mike Zombie had to sit out this episode, so New Jersey Nick and Midnight Corey talk all about the great shows they’ve seen over the summer, which leads to more and more great talk about great metal bands. Consequently, our album review and listener feedback will happen next episode.


  • Opening theme music: “Killdozer” by Strychnia
  • Ending music: “Smoke Dope/Smoke Cops” by +HIRS+

One Response to “Devil Horns 004: Summer Concerts”

  1. Deathspawner

    Great episode! I haven’t seen a show since Dream Theater in 2011, so I feel as lame as can be. Also, +1 to Dave Grohl being awesome. I tend to side with Nick on the albums front though. First Foo album is the one I listen to most, but I also like Colour and the Shape quite a bit, and then select tracks on later albums. Haven’t really been able to get into anything lately though.

    Wish I had more to comment on, I am a serious recluse when it comes to a lot of mainstream metal bands like AiC. Yes, I am embarrassed. Kind of.

    Can’t wait for the album review! Picked it up and haven’t regretted it!


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