Devil Horns 003: Christian Metal


Your Devil Horns hosts talk about what is perhaps the strangest metal sub-genre: Christian Metal. Love it or hate it, we talk all about the bands that have shaped this “positive” movement in metal music, concentrating mostly on the 2 bands that caused the most waves: Stryper and Vengeance (Rising). We explore a lot of related questions that come up in light of the Christian influence in metal, and also talk smack on Kerry King.

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Next episode, we’ll bring you an album review and talk about listener feedback.


2 Responses to “Devil Horns 003: Christian Metal”

  1. Alex

    Controversial topic, keep in mind, most modern “christian metal” bands don’t write their music in a way that tells you directly to “love Jesus” x) Alot of it is self help, inspirational, and good moralized music. Keep in mind though, I listen to most super heavy music. The first band I ever listened to that was considered “christian” metal was Underoath, they were heavy, fast, and openly spoke about jesus and religion in their live performances, which these days is where alot of the “christian” metal bands show their christian side. You won’t hear any “Worship Him” stuff on their albums, but live, they’ll openly tell you, “We do this for Jesus” But yeah, good topic, and good point of views.

    Some good bands for people wanting to dip into more modern christian metal.

    Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada, I The Breather, Thy Art Is Murder < (Heavy as fuck), The Crimson Armada, August Burns Red, and plenty of others :)

  2. Deathspawner

    Another great episode. I’m being honest when I say these have been like a breath of fresh air. I’ve never felt compelled to listen to a music podcast before, but the presentation here and the unbelievable knowledge has me hooked. I also appreciate the open-mindedness (bias is a major turn-off sometimes).

    I went into this episode knowing absolutely nothing about Christian Metal, so I appreciate the great insights. I hate to be “labeled”, but I guess I’d be considered an atheist… I just find all religions to be utter rubbish, and wholly believe that if God existed, he’d be curing cancers and saving little girls from rape rather than reproducing his Son’s image on a potato chip or helping someone find their car keys right before work.

    That said… I wouldn’t have a beef with Christian metal (or music in general) if the intent wasn’t to preach. If the music’s good… it’s good, plain and simple. I don’t even mind a little bit of a message, because if it came to a point where you only listened to music you always wholeheartedly agreed with, your choice would be minimal. I do admit that there have been songs I’ve come across where the religious overtone is just so blunt, I never listen to the song or that album again, but on the other side of the coin, I wouldn’t be surprised if I listen to a fair bit of music that has the same sort of overtone but it’s not noticeable.

    Thanks again for the episode. I am really hoping that the future will bring an all Death Metal discussion 😉


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