Devil Horns 002: Blood Duster – Yeest


Mike Zombie chose this episode’s album for review: Blood Duster’s 1996 album “Yeest.” All three hosts give their thoughts, and ultimately say whether or not it’s worth checking out.

After the review, listener feedback is heard, and one of the lucky listeners is awarded with a free MP3 download.

At the end, the theme of the next show is announced. Definitely an interesting topic!

We’d love to hear from you — let us know what you think. Email metal AT devilhorns DOT org or call the voicemail line at 206-337-6641. Everyone giving us their comments and feedback will be entered into a monthly drawing for a free song download from Amazon.


12 Responses to “Devil Horns 002: Blood Duster – Yeest”

  1. Alex

    Okay, this was an awesome podcast! I’ve been a fan of Grindcore/Goregring/Gorecore for awhile now, and can really get into bands that put a lighthearted spin on heavy music, one of the first bands I had ever heard do something like adding samples to their songs was a band called “Dr. Acula” Their older material was quite raw, and all the song titles were the titles of Goosebump books x) when I was first getting into the more “Unlistenable” spectrum of metal, I found that the quick cutaways from the face splitting blast beats, and ridiculous vocals with laughable quotes from movies helped me give that kind of music a chance. Anyways, great podcast guys!
    If you’re looking for music similar to this, I’d recommend the band Infant Annihilator, their song decapitation fornication.

    • Deathspawner

      It’s nice to see Goosebumps getting love after all these years, haha. That Infant Annihilator track is great, definitely going to be checking these guys out.

  2. Kevin (King Of Nipples)

    Yet another great episode!
    Thanks so much for the recommendations. I was aware of the awesomeness of Killswitch Engage, Rammstein & Avenged Sevenfold…but Shadows Fall was new to me. After one song I was hooked and will definitely check out more from them.

    If I can throw out 2 song recommendations myself, I’d tell everyone about ‘Bible Black’ by Heaven & Hell, and ‘Iron Swan’ by The Sword.

    ps: I will hold off on the blasphemy that is ‘christian metal’ till that episode airs.

  3. Deathspawner

    Another great episode; I appreciate the hard work that goes into each one.

    First: Regarding the idea that “if you’re a fan of a band, you’ll listen to all of their albums”, I agree with you guys in thinking that’s untrue. I consider myself to be a massive fan of some bands (as we all do), and I’d be insulted if someone told me I wasn’t just because I don’t make an effort to listen to the albums that don’t grab me. If a band has a short life and a couple of albums, this problem is easy to avoid; the opposite can be said about a band like Metallica which has a 30+ year career and a jizillion albums. I’m a huge Frank Black fan, but 90% of the time, I choose between four or five of his albums to listen to (and he has many). Sometimes, I toss Bad Religion’s discography on to listen to straight through – but there’s always one album I skip. Simply put: you can be a true fan of a band and still admit to not digging every single one of their albums.

    Second: It’s almost hilarious how difficult it is to find a death metal sort of heavy without deep growling, but here are a couple of options I think come close: Entombed, God Forbid, Kreator, Pestilence, Trivium, In Flames and Disgorge (that one might be a joke). Some border on still-too-growly or not-heavy-enough, but who knows, maybe these can be the gateway bands that could lead people down the path to music -so- growly, it makes your own throat sore.

    Cheers for the free song! I’m hoping Mike doesn’t make me fly down there to get it.

  4. CRANE

    I never miss bloodduster when they are in my state, i have an original press of their first album, they are a bunch of cunts and have shaped the australian grind/metal scene into what it is today, you are not an australian metal fan unless you have a cunt shirt in your closet.

  5. Michael

    The copy of Yeest you guys have is actually the first album,Fisting the Dead and the Yees ep combined. The US version is different to other releases.

  6. Daniel

    Blood Duster has it all – the heavy, the groove, the Aussie sense of humour. And live they are even better. I loved what one of you said about the punk attitude – I think that nailed it.

    • Michael

      This is true,they always give you a great show. For instance the Danzig support at the Big Top at Luna Park they were the best band on stage that night by far.


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