Devil Horns 001: What Happened To Metallica?


We’re firing on all cylinders on this first episode, as we tackle one of the biggest metal bands ever — Metallica.

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Next episode, we’ll bring you an album review and talk about listener feedback.



4 Responses to “Devil Horns 001: What Happened To Metallica?”

  1. Kevin

    In 1986 at the age of 12, I bought Master Of Puppets on cassette. I fell instantly in love with metal and started playing guitar.
    With everything Metallica puts out I always try to find something I can enjoy…and I find the more I want to learn the riffs – the better the album is…to me at least.
    I learned most of their songs from all their albums until Load.
    For me, St. Anger almost seems like a practical joke. There’s great parts in there but the songs are way too repetitive & long, sound like crap and have no solos.
    I really enjoyed Death Magnetic and found myself picking up the guitar again and felt like we kinda got a bit of that ‘ole Ride The Lightning/Master Of Puppets magic again…I hope it lasts.
    But anyway, great cast guys. I’m looking forward to more to come.
    ps: I love the MUSIC of the intro and closing songs of the episodes but I could never get into those ‘death growl’ kind of vocals. Are there some bands you could point me towards that are THAT heavy and are in that style but are without those type of vocals?
    Thanks from Kevin aka @King_Of_Nipples on twitter

  2. not alex

    Dear Mike,

    Lars Ulrich is the best drummer that there ever was, ever.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. Deathspawner

    I’m not sure if this is safe to mention, but I like St. Anger. Well, to some degree. As bizarre as it might sound, it was the first Metallica album I purchased (and on release day, no less). I had been familiar with the band long before that; like one of the hosts, I just borrowed my friend’s collection on a regular basis (especially Reload and Garage Inc.).

    St. Anger and a couple of other select albums brings me back to a period of time when life was fantastic, so nostalgia might be playing a huge role here. The album from a pure Metallica standpoint doesn’t compare to the older albums of course, but I still think it stands up well against a bunch of other metal that was out at the time. Of course again, I could just be blinded by nostalgia, and it does help that I wasn’t a major Metallica fan for years and years prior to that album’s release.

    Mike, congrats on choosing an album with a truly disgusting cover for your first pick. It’s really a toss-up whether that or Mayhem’s suicide cover is worse.

    Also, Danzig was in the Misfits?

  4. Feras191

    Personally, I think albums from “The black album” to “St.Anger” are best works for metallica, especially lyrically. songs are in harmony with the lyrics, you feel they actually connect to the lyrics, the intro, riffs, solos, drums, all of it… people who say Load-St.Anger are crap or whatever are the ones annoying me the most, if you really love a band, you’ll listen to all their albums, but then, you only like fast thrash music, so probably only the old metallica is good for you. Black Album is what brought metallica to fame, Load, Re-Load, and St.Anger talk about issues and problems from the life of the front man, James Hetfield, they connect to all people in different ages, thus i like them the most. Metallica isn’t only about fast thrash metal, it’s THE best band out there, and not just thrash.


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