Devil Horns: Battlecross


Corey went to the Battlecross show in Erie, PA, and tells about the experience. He also interviews Battlecross guitarist Hiran.


Check out the quick video and pics from front row center.

Devil Horns: With Our Arms To The Sun


Indie band With Our Arms To The Sun caught the attention of as having one of the best metal albums of 2014, and guitarist, noisemaker, vocalist Josh joins Corey on the show to talk about the new album, the band, and a lot more. It’s amazing!


Devil Horns: All Them Witches


On the eve of the launch of their second album, All Them Witches took time out from their tour to talk with Corey about their new album Lightning at the Door. Crazy antics transpire.


Devil Horns: Silent Horror


Silent Horror is the most exciting horror punk band out there, and the power trio of Argyle Goolsby, Brandall Rector, and Brent Hajny join Corey to talk about their breakout eponymous album.


Devil Horns: Tracy Byrd


Tracy Byrd (TB) is the special guest, and Corey talks with him about his band A Gathering of None and the new album Nothing Left to Lose — plus a whole lot more.


Devil Horns: Shadow Windhawk


Corey talks with the leading man of horror punk band Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians — Shadow Windhawk — about their critically-acclaimed debut EP Casket Spray, their current Indiegogo campaign, and what’s in store for the future.


Devil Horns 017: And Justice For Jason


In another episode chock full of randomness, our three esteemed hosts discuss the likes of Masodon, Metallica (especially Jason Newsted), Pantera (as usual), the 5th Annual Gwar-B-Q, alcoholism among musicians, and lots more.

Devil Horns 016: Cokegoat


Rebekah and Jeff from independent stoner/doom metal band Cokegoat talk with Corey about their awesome music, brilliant video, good beer and good times.