Devil Horns 012: News


Corey and Nick finally decide to release a new episode after a grueling month or so. But the wait is worth it as they talk about metal news — including Alice in Chains, Intronaut, Sleep, Powerwolf, Ghost, Slipknot, the Grammys, Motley Crue, and a lot more.

Note: This was recorded just after Motley Crue’s first announcement that they were no longer touring. No other statements had been made as of this recording. Thus Nick’s brilliant prediction.


Devil Horns – Cameron Argon of Disfiguring the Goddess


Disfiguring the Goddess is perhaps the most brutal death metal you’ll ever hear, and it’s all the work of a single man — Cameron Argon. He joins Corey for a discussion about the music, the scene, and what it’s like to be a talented musician in the Internet age. At the end of the show, you’ll hear “Home of the Dollmaker” from Deprive. Enjoy.


Devil Horns 010: Intro To S.O.D.


In preparation for our review of S.O.D.’s monumental album Speak English or Die, we bring you a completely impromptu discussion between Corey and Mike. This was recorded a while back, and some of what’s said may seem to be a few months dated. What’s the heaviest song of all time? The talk begins there, and meanders to some great places — including S.O.D., Anthrax, Metallica, Soundgarden, Pantera, and a lot more.


  • Opening theme music: “Killdozer” by Strychnia
  • Ending music: “Adastra” by Adastra

Devil Horns 009: What’s Up With Dio?


Dio: this is the question of this episode. Why is he so beloved, and why does he hold a place among elite metal gods? We explore this — and much more — in this episode. We respond to listener feedback, which has Corey laughing so hard he can barely read it.

“Holy Diver” official video

“Rainbow in the Dark” official video

Ozzy and Dio “War Pigs” Duet with Black Sabbath


Devil Horns 008: What’s Up With The Music Industry?


Midnight Corey and New Jersey Nick shoot from the hip this time, speaking their minds about the crazy goings-on in the world of metal. As always, they’re especially critical of the music industry and Metallica. But they also bring up new developments with bands like Bleeding Through and AEON, as well as Orgy’s crash-and-burn Indiegogo campaign.

Mike Zombie will be with us next time, and was totally missed.


Devil Horns 007: Assjack


Midnight Corey suggested this episode’s album review: self-titled “Assjack” from 2009. The hosts also respond to listener comments about the “What Happened to Korn?” episode, as well as talk about other exciting things going on.

Check out Assjack live, which is Hank3 on guitar/vocals with his touring band. Hank3 performed and produced the entire studio album himself.